Recreational Trails Program in trouble


Well, the Congress Critters are at it again.

A popular act on both sides of the aisle  is about to be rescinded.

To quote the American Hiking Society website:

Transportation Bill ( H.R. 3763) that recently passed out of committee goes to the floor in the House of Representatives this week and two amendments have been offered that would eliminate the Recreational Trails Program – a program that helps pay for many of the hiking trails we enjoy. It is a program based on the fuel taxes paid by recreational vehicles users and so is a user-pay/user-benefit program.”

The Recreational Trails Program  is a wonderful way to help maintain a non-motorized infrastructure be it hiking routes, equestrian trails or bike paths.

Simply biking or walking to get groceries is an easy and wonderful way to have a baseline of good health. And these paths often provide economic benefits to the area, too.

As a reader, Louis Brooks, wrote : You can find information about what project have received funding in your area at the Rec Trails Program Database: It may help to show how this program makes a direct impact in your legislator’s district in your letter.

Your infrastructure is important for a good quality of life. And that means more than just the highways.

So write your congressional representative.

Let them know what you think.

They do, theoretically, work for us after all….



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